Negative Stigmas

Where does the negative stigma that everyone has about the island of Haiti come from? I believe it has been the agenda of the american people to tarnish the reputation of Haiti and to stunt its economic and social growth. How is it that a nation that was the second independent state in the Western Hemisphere and the first free black republic in the world back in 1804, still be considered a third world country in 2021??
History says that: “under Dessalines the Haitian economy had made little progress despite the restoration of forced labor. Conflict between blacks and mulattoes ended the cooperation that the revolution had produced, and the brutality toward whites shocked foreign governments and isolated Haiti internationally. A lasting enmity against Haiti arose among Dominicans as a result of the emperor’s unsuccessful invasion of Santo Domingo in 1805.” (

The similarities to what history is using to blame Haitian people for their own isolation is the same rhetoric that people are using today to discredit the justified anger and violence that resulted this past year in protest of police brutality. Can you imagine an age in slavery where light-skinneds did not look down on dark-skinneds? Where light-skinneds were not viewed as superior to dark-skinneds? Where light-skinneds did not develop a complex that led them to believe in this fake superiority? Where they did commit crimes against their fellow enslaved Blacks because they weren’t the same black? Like white-Black was a separate race? Me neither. So let us not believe the simplified version of “…the brutality towards whites shocked foreign governments and isolated Haiti internationally.” This is exactly what would happen if we actually listened to the “Back To Africa” movement. There would be global isolation of Africa! We would not be able to trade fairly, travel safely, or grow as a nation. Naturally, the BTA movement would be a final response to systematic oppression and overt and blatant racism. After getting settled in, the new nation would obviously decline visitors from white nations, especially america, so we wouldn’t be able to do business with them. We also would not be able to do business with any of america’s allies. There are other nations we would not be able to do business with because they would want to remain neutral and not choose a side. There are other nations we would not be able to do business with because they would frown upon our decision, even though that has nothing to do with the business at hand. As a result, the nation would turn savage, quickly. The ghettos would overrun the civilized neighborhoods. Crime and vigilantism would skyrocket. Homelessness and poverty would take hold of what promised to be the “Black-american Dream”. And that’s how systematic oppression works.

Now back to Haiti. All of those Carnival Cruise Lines and other cruise ships all travel the Carribean. They all gladly advertise stopping in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the US Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Barbados, The Bahamas, just to name a few. You think they don’t stop in Haiti?? Of course they do! There are beautiful resorts and hotels lining the beaches of Haiti, just like every other tropical island, duh. But why don’t they want us to know that? Why is the american media’s stereotypical view of Haiti dirt roads, small stone buildings, bathing in rivers, and voodoo rituals around the fire? Where are the Sandals Resorts that we know are there? No way my co-worker went to Labadee, Haiti and brought me back a souvenir and it was on a dirt road, at a street market! LOL! Who benefits from the world thinking that Haiti is uninhabitable? I don’t know exactly who benefits, but I know who it hurts! You think investors from overseas are even interested in seeing what Haiti looks like for themselves after what they’ve seen and heard on TV? Why would anyone start any sort of commerce or substantial trade with an island of barbarians who are still sacrificing chickens? How easy is it for relief effort organizations to claim they are raising money to help Haiti and steal 90% of the donations? Because who is going to set actual foot in Haiti to see where the relief funds are being used? Not when they can do voodoo on you and rob you as soon as you step off the plane. I’ve never been to Haiti and why do I think like that? Where did that thought originate?

I’ve recently done a little research into the practice of Haitian Vodou and what I learned surprised me. I hear “woke” people talk all the time about how the white man spoon-fed us their religion to help make us more docile and submissive but woooh chileeee if that ain’t the truth about Haiti!! Talk about coming from a group that won their own independence early on in the game, then NEVER uprising or taking over anything else EVER again and actually being SET BACK behind ALL OF THE OTHER nations that became independent after you! It ain’t that hard to start a successful civilization when the odds aren’t STACKED against you and the white man is not determined to see you lose. There were tons of Haitian geniuses born and yet not a single one could lead our nation out of poverty?!? We were taught to fear our rebellious instincts. We were taught to suppress our divine powers. In the name of salvation. Most of our traditions and ceremonies were not written down, they were passed down, generation after generation, via word of mouth and physical demonstration. So of course it was easy for the white man to come with his education and books and demand that we only learn what can be read and rewritten, which isolated those (and whatever knowledge they carried!) who could not do either! So naturally, those isolated by their lack of proper education decline in their standing in society, until they truly embody the barbaric stereotype that was ALREADY given to them. And the educated ones were sure to never commingle or associate with those “likes”. Even if they did remember chants, prayers, and dances, they would not dare risk being mistaken for wild. The fact that there are an abundance of similarities between Haitian Vodou and Roman Catholicism and yet somehow Vodou is Devil worship makes no sense.

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